Our focus is to merge the resilience of token engineering with gaming to create a new paradigm of sustainable social tycoons on-chain.

Build What You Want

We want to create smart contract modules that allow developers to mix and match economic game primitives in order to create collaborative on-chain games with reliable economies tailored for sustainability. Safer reward mechanisms, better player-developer relationships, and more aligned incentive mechanisms than we have seen in web2.

Gamify the Whole Ecosystem

Developers should have the ability to gamify the entire ecosystem with no boundaries. DAOs, NFTs, and tokens have the ability to be gamified through our completely decentralized approach which provides new methods of engaging with decentralized entities.

Elicit the Intersection of Science and Art

Engineering is the act of creating something artfully. Within science, things are often either right or wrong and often times what is beyond science seems impossible. Art allows for imagination and perspective to become a creation. Through the concrete definition of engineering, we believe it to be an important factor in bringing out the art within science to expand what can be developed and possible. We want people to artistically create economies that are built to last.

Create Games That Outlive Their Developers

By creating an open-source culture and putting all of our games fully on-chain, players can launch and play their favourite on-chain games no matter how many years pass; given the blockchain is still operational. This is a different paradigm than the shutting down of casual game studios in the 2010s that often left invested players with nothing [Aguilar 2021]. We will promote open-source clients that allow anybody to run their favourite casual game directly from their computer into the blockchain.

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